This blog is dedicated to facilitating greater awareness and understanding of trauma, dissociation and healing.

Trauma is a subject I’ve been interested for many years; when I was 18 and writing my Extended Essay (that’s similar to a thesis project) for the International Baccalaureate program, I attempted to show a correlation between eating disorders and an inclination toward earth-centered spiritualities among survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It was a rough go, not difficult to understand given my advisor’s lack of involvement and my lack of understanding of trauma theory and how to go about writing such a paper.

While a student of Chinese medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine, I re-invested my energy into understanding trauma, dissociation and embodiment. I’m particularly interested in how we can treat dissociation and dissociative disorders with Chinese medicine, as well as ways that Chinese medicine practitioners can team with mental health practitioners to provide the best care for dissociative patients. As part of completing the requirements for my degree, I wrote a thesis titled, “Moving toward integration: Working with trauma and dissociation for practitioners of Chinese medicine.”

Chinese medicine perceives the individual as a holistic system with the emotional, spiritual, mental/cognitive and physical bodies all intertwined. Health is the seamless weave of all these aspects of being. It seems to me that it is therefore an ideal framework from which to approach trauma, dissociation and trauma healing (embodiment/integration).

I’m currently practicing classical Chinese medicine and craniosacral therapy in Northeast Portland, Oregon. I can be reached at tracyandrewsacupuncture@gmail.com.

I intend to use this blog as a way to develop and evolve my understanding of these subjects. My hope is that readers will offer thoughtful comments and feedback that will help all of us better understand trauma, how we can heal ourselves and how we can deepen our capacity for embodiment.


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